Letting go…

Letting go moody self-portrait of joshi daniel
Self-Portrait | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

123 Replies to “Letting go…”

  1. another awesome shot dearie:P:P … one question though.. r u advertising ur shoes?? hehe .. jus kidding …. a great shot.. :D.. n yeah mihir modi is right… u shud have kept ur pic :p

  2. Joshi,
    This pic is very good. Loved the feel it is giving when we look at it.

    One small suggestion… The comments section looks very dry with both colours very similiar to black. I think you have put them deliberately, but you can add some whitish tinge to both the ash shades and brighten up this page. Ignore if not found relavant :)

  3. Awsome, shoes and background matching the same highlighting the importance of redrose fell on the ground – wnderful snamp and creativity

  4. What a thought-provoking photo – I first intended to joke about the fact I wear the same Converse & jean’s but i see something much deeper in this puddle and rose, like a lost love yet still very vivid/red. Very nice work !

  5. Your picture is wonderful, its meaning along with the title is deep and sad, I feel the “lost” of somebody young (converse) and loved (rose).. Very strong photograph, would work well in B&W, too!

  6. Interesting picture which “grabs”…even though I don´t know exactly how to interpretate it! I really like the feeling in it. Artistic someone wrote – yes most certanly it is!

  7. Otra gran composición con un carácter muy personal e intimista. El tratamiento del color es genial.

    Another great composition with a very personal and intimate character. The treatment of color is great. (Automatic translation).

  8. Yo Joshi! This one couldnt stop me from commenting!! Focus is absolutely sharp, which is one of the most important features in this photo to strike attention! I guess you’ve used a dark (maybe blackish?) filter, which really brings out the contrast! Another thing is the water is really still. This makes it look like black oil – another striking compliment to contrast the red rose. Ground texture has done a lot to enhance the quality and the rose too is nipped at the right length! Angle at which the rose lies brings out the intended emotion. Wonderful!

  9. This picture has an interesting concept to it. It makes you wonder the story behind the story.
    Why is the rose there? is it the symbol of a broken heart? The lost momento of a wonderful date?
    Good job, you really entrapt my imagination with this piece.

  10. just cant belive seeing d output here…i remember wen u wer cliking dis pic i was wondering wats u cliking but d output seen is simply superb…loved it…nic pic

  11. Great compilation! Play the cool shutterbug contest on the John Players facebook page- You get an autographed Ranbir Kapoor photograph!

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