Silhouette of a man with umbrella

Silhouette of a man with umbrella on a cloudy day at Marine Drive, Mumbai, India
Man with umbrella | Marine Drive, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

68 Replies to “Silhouette of a man with umbrella”

  1. I like the idea, I don’t like the white “halo” around the silhouette. I know you wanted it, but I think I would appreciate better, being able to think it’s a real capture…

  2. La composición es impresionante, pero eso es algo a lo que tú ya nos tienes acostumbrados. El tratamiento y procesado de la imagen es muy bueno. Alguien podría alegar el excesivo silueteado de la figura pero en este caso concreto creo que no resulta problemático y que, además, favorece el contraste e impide que el personaje de la foto se confunda con el fondo. Un gran trabajo.

    The composition is impressive, but this is something that you already have accustomed us. The treatment and processing of the image is very good. Some might argue the excessive silhouette of the figure but in this case I think it is not problematic and, moreover, enhances contrast and prevents the protagonist to be confused with the background. A great job. (Automatic translation).

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