Beaming smile

Portrait of Rishi S Menon with a beaming smile
Rishi S Menon | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

85 Replies to “Beaming smile”

  1. oh woww………wat a lovely toothless cutee smile!!!!!!
    after som oldies….u hav got junior sooraj as ur model…great!!!
    superb!!!! he luks to me lik johnson’s baby………..

  2. ha! what a coincidence.. i was just seeing this shot while you commented on mine.. :)
    Such a beautiful smile..more like the baby is completely at peace and relaxed kind of smile.

  3. Very cute photos. I have heard so much that kid photography is difficult. Lovely photo.

    And regarding the cake comment – Haha not really. My wife has her food blog and she keeps making lot of variety. Gives me a chance to take photos often. Why to loose a chance like that.

  4. Very cute smile, great catchlight in the eyes!

    In a perfect world, I would try to tone down the background. It’s a bit too distracting in my opinion, given that the viewer’s eye is always drawn to the brightest area in a photo.

  5. Cuckoo, I had made a small pause on the blogs but here me is of returns and very glad to find your charming blog, has which it does not leave me indifferent;)

    I hope that you master keys a good week, and that all do well for you;), large kisses and good evening Daniel.

  6. sweet, cute and radiant smile … lovely timing… but den u know the perfect time to click…its a “smile with me” kinda pic… perfect pic..

  7. You have an understanding of where most of the power lies in portrait and it always shines through: the EYES. Really like how you manage to catch the light in those eyes.

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