Umbrella girl

Overhead shot of a girl with umbrella walking in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Girl with umbrella | Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

69 Replies to “Umbrella girl”

  1. there is a nice feeling to this pic.

    i feel u cud have made it better in the editing ..cut / crop .. somewhere. . maybe the missing leg cud be made visible a lil .. but sure . u wud have tried it .. mmm

    will giv it a 90 % compared to ur best ones…



  2. boy … i was thinking of something similar and u showed me how to execute it without invading the subject’s privacy! just like the smoking girl i shud say :) wonderful!

  3. How did you even manage that? An excellent shot at a very difficult angle and then clicking it just in right time. That’s something.

  4. Congratulations for your photograph, it is a very good one, it transmits lots of stuff, feelings, her personality, her lifestyle,and how shse deails with the rainy situation she is at.

  5. Hey! yo tengo una fotografía muy parecida!

    Me parece genial la composición y los colores de tu foto…


    Hey! I have a very similar picture!

    I think it’s great composition and colors of your photo …

  6. Wow, U’re in Malaysia now? It’s great to come here. Welcome to our country…
    The culture here is very diversify…Malay, Chinese, Indian and 56 groups of indigeneous people…More shots, please!

  7. I like your photographs immensely. However, compared to your other photos I do not find this one quite up to the mark. Sorry for saying this but this is how I feel. Hope you do not mind my opinion as I am not any connoisseur of photography.

  8. so natural….its just too nice always coming back to your blog n finally reaching something fantastic n appealing….good work joshi…your passion for photography reflects here in your work……

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