Smoking girl

A girl smoking cigarette in Starbucks coffee in Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Smoking girl | Starbucks Coffee, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

80 Replies to “Smoking girl”

  1. Wonderful portrait and I really like the angle … looking over her shoulder to the coach opposite and wondering who’s sitting there! The color toning is beautiful warm!

  2. the J touch is much seen in this picture.. like the way the smoke, the palm lines are focused and how light falls … the way u framed with a glimpse of the face and shoulders leaves a lot to think for the viewers mind…

    btw … i tot u copied this from a similar pic i toook .. :D ……….. rem ????? kochu kallaaaaaaaaa copy right infringements …….

    jokes apart .. a beautiful complete picture :-)

  3. The photo has a lot of athmosphere, I would put out more the cigarette holding hand ! it’s a very creative photo !

    PS and so far nobody said, that smoking is bad for the health, lol ! As smokers are like lepers now !

  4. La perspectiva de donde has tomado la fotografia me encanta, el rastro de humo que deja el cigarro… brutal!!!
    Buen trabajo, saludos.

  5. love photographs that tell a story…this is definitely one of them…and the beauty is…the plot can be anything the viewer wants it to be..gr8 work once again!

  6. The only thing sexier than the photo would be a girl riding a bullet350, but i can live with this

    can’t help notice the super awesome processing, the subtle tones are just perfect!

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