Fake or real

A buddhist monk from China Town, Petaling street in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Monk | China Town, Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

70 Replies to “Fake or real”

  1. Rather of a worried look on his face! I presume he’s a monk. Contrast good and helps to show off the lines on his face and the folds of his robes.

  2. He looks like a real one. The fakes over here can be recognized by their clothing. Beautiful street portrait and the vignetting puts the focus completely on the monk.

  3. I’ve never seen a fake monk before as far as I know but this guy looks real enough (apart from the worried look on his face perhaps)

    It’s a delightful street photo!

  4. i wonder what he might think here.. you surprised him, yet he is thinking abou something, and i like the expression, the way you caught him. great shot Daniel !

  5. Not sure I undertand your title here, if you cannot say, I can’t too.
    He seems to be surprised, its hands on the money (?), maybe he is playing the game of fake…

  6. Hey! gr8 work i must say… visiting your blog for the first time… it awesome! I think you must send in your photos to the National Photo salon! Read about it HERE.. if you haven read about it b4!

  7. hes a fake or a very bad Monk( is robe isnt even on properly)
    Im a Monk and that sort of carry on isnt giving Buddhism a good name.

  8. Love the capture. But what interest me more is the caption. Worried eyes, a basket in hand. A delicate shade of restlessness in his seemingly shaky hands. A monk- A fake one I think.

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