The journey continues…

Bare legs of female model wearing high heels
Legs | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

It’s been one year of photo blogging and the journey continues…

63 Replies to “The journey continues…”

  1. hey great bare legs….legs shot with diff angle…but outcom is superb & sexy
    true…well d journey dat u began last year still continues
    It has now been one year since u started ur blog….It’s hard to
    believe one year ago today u posted ur first pic on this blog.
    So much has happened since then….. thru ur blog i have found
    new love photography….dats wat d impact of ur pics on me..dey r
    simply adorable(at times sexy too….hahahaha)
    looking forward to another year not similar to the last
    but rocking with many more great beautiful pics.

  2. congratulation!! its been one year and you have gone from inanimate objects to images of people:):) ….. all the pics are amazing and am sure its gonna get better as your journey continues….. Proud of U.. Mwah!!

    n yeah awesome pic … n damn gud legs!!

  3. Nice expo. & Very SEXy …

    I wish you all success and let the Journey continue with out any “ROAD BLOCKS”.

    Great wrk machu…

  4. Congratulations on the blog birthday and another beautiful photo. This one looks so much like a 50’s pinup girl that I wouldn’t be surprised to see her on my mechanic’s wall. I love the coy angle and the coloring –almost cartoony. Really evokes another era.

  5. Congratulations! Any creative and/or artistic journey is always worth taking.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful images, and keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Joshi, congratulations!! The image is beautiful and fascinating, i like the light and composition. The setting of the legs is very expressive.

  7. NIce capture! This image has rhythm. Joshi you have a great variety and themes on your photos. Thanks to share your work on this first year. Keep working and of course keep sending me your beautiful images. Congratulations! Cheers, from Mexico.

  8. luvly pair of legs and well shot! congrats on completing a year here :) wish u many more succesful years ahead. and yeah … that most popular post is indeed a scorcher :) waiting for more of those!

  9. Kudos on one year!
    Very cheeky pin-up like photo, I love it :)

    I can’t believe I haven’t voted for you up until now – I just fixed it ;)

  10. Very cool. It always is nice to see certain details rather than the whole picture. Gives something to think about.
    I like the creamy color tones.

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