Portrait of a lady from Mesa Island

Portrait of a lady from Mesa Island, Flores, Indonesia
Lady | Mesa Island, Flores, Indonesia

The portrait of this lady was taken while I was walking around Mesa Island, Flores, Indonesia, which has a population of around 1,500 people. Fresh water is not available on the island.


123 Replies to “Portrait of a lady from Mesa Island”

  1. What gorgeous colors! I am glad you are in a part of the world where darker skin tone is the norm and people dress with such colorful aplomb. Many Americans — most still of a pasty white complexion — would not risk such a thing (which is probably a blessing to all of us :)). Another winning portrait, Joshi. Your work in this vein consistently reminds me how beautiful the human face can be.

  2. How do you manage to get these lovely people to pose for you? Most islanders I’ve met shy away from the cameras. I think they get fed up with having strangers take their photos which I can completely understand.

  3. Stunning shot! Strong emotions in the photo 😊 Very sad about the water, how do they go about getting some?

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