Portrait of a boy from Senggarang Village

Black and white portrait of a boy from Senggarang Village, Indonesia
Smiling boy | Senggarang, Bintan, Indonesia

A few months ago, I had posted a different image of this boy where he was hiding his face. Some of you thought he was crying. He really wasn’t! :) Check out his previous image here.

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89 Replies to “Portrait of a boy from Senggarang Village”

  1. He looks so happy! :) Thanks.
    Joshi, you are welcome to contribute a photograph for Forgiving Fridays – it’s a blog post I do to encourage bloggers to share something that inspires them to forgive.
    You’d just include a pingback to my post (link: https://forgivingconnects.com/2017/04/28/todays-forgiving-fridays-really-really-showing-up-to-love-me/ ) and #ForgivingFridays
    There is something beautiful about connecting via the love and compassion of forgiving.
    Anyway, have a wonderful day! ~Debbie <3

      1. You are very welcome. It is an honor to see your work. It’s almost like looking at a virtual coffee book where the pages keep getting added in. Very cool. Hope you have a great day.

  2. I did see the previous photo and thought he might be sad. Goes to show where assumptions get us. I’m really happy to see this photo as if makes me think that he was just contemplating something good or dreaming up something special when his head was down.

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