Snorkelling at Pink Beach

Jiyeon Juno Kim snorkelling at Pink Beach in Indonesia
Jiyeon Juno Kim snorkelling | Pink Beach, Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Pictured here is a South Korean travel blogger (at Runaway Juno), Jiyeon Juno Kim. She was photographed on a GoPro while snorkelling at Pink Beach in Indonesia.

Thankful to Wonderful Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism for a great opportunity to see Indonesia.

122 Replies to “Snorkelling at Pink Beach”

  1. This photo made me recall that when Columbus’ journey for discovery of India went on and on without coming to an end, members of his crew became restless. They were of the opinion that they would soon reach the end of the world and then fall off. They still assumed Earth to be flat.

    1. That is a big question. Adding watermark doesn’t protect your pictures as it can be easily removed. What ever you do, people will steal. But that is the cost you pay for putting it online. But for that price you get exposure too. Make sure you don’t upload high resolution images.

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