Cutting Chai

A roadside tea seller in Mumbai serving cutting chai from a kettle
Serving Cutting Chai | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

‘Cutting’ chai is the popular name for the tea from roadside tea stalls that is served in half-portions in glasses. It goes by this name in Mumbai and other places in Maharashtra.

142 Replies to “Cutting Chai”

  1. Extremely good. Usually the focus of most people is on the action in the tea-environment (Chai par Charcha or Coffee with Karan), the most hardworking person is the tea vendor. The chaiwala near our residence at Ahmedabad used to open his stall at 6 o’clock in the morning and ran it till 11 o’clock in night.

  2. Really like this composition. Didn’t know that Chai means tea. my friend brought the spices and mix back from India and another friend smelled it and knew what region it came from.

  3. Thank you, I learned something. I love the photo – there is something about the classic gesture of pouring tea. Wouldn’t it be great to do a series of people pouring tea around the world?

  4. You made me remember the good old college days…. samosa aur cutting chai! great picture. I think, I will go and buy the glass, it has so much nostalgia in it….

  5. Wonderful :) Havent been to India yet but takes me back to having teh tarik in Malaysia. Is this tea poured to make bubbles like teh tarik?

  6. LOVE this shot! Just followed you on instagram (awesome work!) and noticed this shot isn’t there – How do you decide which images you’ll post to Insta and which you’ll put on your blog?

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