Nangiarkoothu artist doing make-up

Nangiarkoothu artist Margi Usha doing make-up
Nangiarkoothu artist Margi Usha doing make-up | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Nangiarkoothu artist Margi Usha applying make-up before a performance in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Nangiarkoothu is a traditional art form of Kerala and it dates back to 1500 years, It features a solo actress (nangiar) who narrates the story using mudras (hand gestures), facial expressions and body movements to the accompaniment of the mizhavu (a big copper drum). The art form is performed solely by female artists.

101 Replies to “Nangiarkoothu artist doing make-up”

  1. Beautiful portrait, Joshi. Love the shadows. Makeup and getting ready is a process we often don’t see often unless we’re the performer. Such apt composition :)

  2. Wow, being able to do that in a symmetrical fashion has my full admiration, as I cannot even paint my eyebrows properly!! Needless to say , beautifully and sensitively ‘shot’.

  3. This is a great shot , and it is so interesting. I would have never seen anything like it without you posting it.

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