A balloon man in Mumbai

A balloon man looking up at a bunch of colourful balloons in his hand in Mumbai
A balloon man | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

A balloon man looking up at a bunch of colourful balloons in his hand in Mumbai, India.

273 Replies to “A balloon man in Mumbai”

  1. Joshi, while I’ve not commented or liked much (you receive so many of both!), I wanted you to know that I still love and view your incredible photos!

  2. This may be one of my favorite shots of yours…amid all the chaos in the background, a poor man trying to make a living ~ his looking up at the balloons hits me with a feeling of someone finding beauty and happiness with life. It makes me feel great. Well done.

  3. When did you go to India ? It’s a truly beautiful place isn’t it and if you liked it you should come to Pakistan as well , the place doesn’t get appreciated half as much as it should .

  4. You know that moment, when you take ample of foreign trips, and just a few passing ones in you country and then you wonder, “how were my eyes closed to the striking beauty of my own country!” I feel the exact same way looking through these pictures!
    PS: If you visit Pakistan, don’t forget to take to Karachi and the valleys. :)

  5. as you know already, I admire your work so much,I keep staring at the photographs for long and try to pull stories out of it,this photograph sir, is a visual poetry and depicts much more than eyes can catch.

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