Portrait of a Halakki tribe woman

Black and white portrait of a Halakki tribe woman wearing traditional jewellery in Kumta, Karnataka
Halakki tribe woman | Hegde, Kumta, Karnataka, India

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153 Replies to “Portrait of a Halakki tribe woman”

  1. I was gazing on this amazing portrait when suddenly a pop up add appeared saying “Now that’s a bit of holiday cheer! ” Interesting timing. Again, great work Joshi

  2. What a compelling portrait. She has an amazing face, and the directness of her gaze is powerful. About her eyes, Joshi: There’s a kind of light in them. Is that some function of the shot and/or editing, or did they appear like that to the naked eye?

  3. Your photography is truly amazing. I am into paintings but also trying to get into photography as I need my own reference photographs.
    I have also checked all your other photographs. Each one of them kind of tells a story.
    Excellent work. Will keep looking.
    Also please let me know if I can use some of your photographs as reference , by giving due credit to you for the same. I may just refer to it and make a few changes later to suit my artworks.

  4. The intensity of her eyes is so striking. When you look at a photograph and you want to know more, you know it’s captured something important. I’m so glad I found your page, your work is really something special. xo.

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