Kathakali artist applying make-up

Portrait of a Kathakali artist from Trivandrum, Kerala applying make-up
Kathakali artist applying make-up | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

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113 Replies to “Kathakali artist applying make-up”

  1. You somehow capture not only a great photo shot, but also tremendous amounts of emotion from your subjects. It’s one thing to capture a shot, quite another to capture a feeling. Fantastic work. Thank you.

  2. Another brilliant portrait shot, Joshi. Love the detail at the side and on his face. Looks like a very skilled make-up artist, making himself known even though he is in the background :)

  3. absolutely stunning… like a movie scene… your subtle toning adds to the cinematic feel… for some reason makes me think of Egyptian pharao… some solemnity in the air… fabulous, Joshi!!

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