Portrait of an old lady in McLeod Ganj

Portrait of an old woman form McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala
Old woman | McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India

76 Replies to “Portrait of an old lady in McLeod Ganj”

  1. Another brilliant photo, Joshi. Love the clarity in this one, and the colour too. Can’t tell if the woman is more happy or not that happy. Maybe she’s feeling both. A bit of a mystery :)

  2. You don’t just capture the faces, you capture every emotions in the lines on those faces. Honestly, every time I see your photographs, I feel the person is physically right in front me.

  3. Amazing HQ image of the old lady captured beautifully. I like the way in which the looks are expressed in

    a natural manner. Excellent photography skills!

  4. Challenging to photography people. This is a beautiful one with the expression, “I have eaten more salt (metaphor) in my life than you have in your eaten rice in yours; I have crossed more bridges in my life than you have walked roads in yours.”

  5. With such a small focal depth, its a very nice (as in precise) balance of what is in focus and what is just out of focus. The exact rendition and contrast of the facial lines against smoothness of cheek says so much about age, resilience and beauty.

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