On the go

Fishermen in Murudeshwara, Karnataka carrying their boat into the sea after sunset
Fishermen carrying boat | Murudeshwara, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, India

140 Replies to “On the go”

  1. I Love this picture! Sea touches sky, the colors are amazing and the composition is superb. The proportions are perfect, bang on the nose of the golden mean. I also like the parallel sets of footprints, showing this is a well-traveled route. May I download this picture? I keep a file of photos of places I wish to visit and use it as desktop wallpaper. This one is not only gorgeous in it’s own right, it’s also a great visual invitation to visit India.

  2. This is so captivating. I really love the perspectives here, somehow the gradients of colour add to this. A really interesting composition. I would love to have your views on one of mine. I tried to get the same effect using a golden retriever, going uphill towards some walkers at the peak. If you wouldn’t mind, it’s under ‘best snaps’ page.

    I was also wondering how you get your foreign models to look so natural yet characteristic. Mine always seem to appear awkward, embarrassed to pose for the camera…

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