Muthappan Theyyam at Parassinikkadavu

Muthappan Theyyam performance at Parassinikkadavu temple in Kannur
Muthappan Theyyam | Parassinikadavu Muthappan temple, Kannur, Kerala, India

Sree Muthappan is the principal god worshipped during the ritualistic Muthappan Theyyam performance in the Parassinikkadavu temple in Kannur. He is believed to be a combined representation of Vishnu and Shiva. This performance is the main mode of worship at the temple. The rituals performed here are markedly different from other Hindu temples in Kerala in their movement away from the Brahminical modes of worship. During the Theyyam performance, the artist goes into a trance-like state after consuming toddy and offers it to the devotees or spectators. The temple is also known for being surrounded by a large number of dogs because of the belief that Sree Muthappan (who was a hunter, according to legend) was always accompanied by a dog. Due to this belief, dogs are considered sacred here and a part of the offering to Muthappan is given to them.

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73 Replies to “Muthappan Theyyam at Parassinikkadavu”

  1. Beautiful shot …

    I used go to Parassini temple often as I live close by and the place is so beautiful :)

    But, I never tried to photograph Muthappan Theyyam, looks like there is no restriction on photography inside, right?

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