Kanchipuram sari weaver

Kanchipuram sari weaver
Kanchipuram sari weaver | Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India

A Kanchipuram sari (Kanjivaram sari) is a type of sari that is traditionally made by weavers from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India.  The cost of a Kanchipuram sari can vary according to the complexity of the patterns, the number of colours used, and the material used, such as zari, silver, and gold threads. The saris woven with heavy silk or gold work on them are worn on auspicious occasions and festivals.

75 Replies to “Kanchipuram sari weaver”

  1. great contrast of lighting and more….contrast between the weaver in a sleeveless vest toiling over a sari which some woman will wear on a dressy occasion. Hope he is getting paid his just wages

  2. Most interesting image and subject ! Anything hand-crafted is very difficult to find nowadays.The pattern and the bright colours of the weaving material on the loom is really fabulous !!! You have perfectly captured and framed the scene !

  3. There’s a lot of symbolism and contrast in this image. More than what one perceives at first glance. Dark and white, vest and saree, bright blue fading into almost monochromatic hues. I also see that you are not afraid to break the rules, I would be too afraid of blowing the highlights in this image. Perhaps that is also a contrast between me, a dilettante photographer and you, a professional :)

  4. very nice Joshi. I love that even though the window is the “brightest” spot in the photograph, my eyes still go to the weaver. Beautiful lines too.

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