Irula tribal woman of Attappadi

Black and white portrait of an old Irula tribe woman of Attappadi in Palakkad district of Kerala
Irula woman | Attappadi, Palakkad, Kerala, India

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87 Replies to “Irula tribal woman of Attappadi”

  1. This is a quintessentially indian portrait and I like the subtle hints that provide this Indian connection. From the muted gold chain with it’s figure of eight hook, to the glittering nose ring; this portrait could not have been made anywhere else. The pathos and suffering is evident in her eyes, but there is also strength and courage. A splendid portrait in its own element. Bravo!

  2. Hi Joshi. It’s been a long time since I left a message, but I’ve never forgot about you. As always, you have the gift of speaking volumes in a single photographs. Best wishes.

  3. So many furrows on her skin,her hair ll silver yet so much light in her eyes. The eyes look so alive and young as a contrast to her entire face. i am left wondering how many monsoons has she seen. Great. :) :) :)
    btw when will u show me ur own picture????

  4. I have studied this portrait for a while. What I see are lines of time and struggle and endurance. There is also the expression of fatigue and resignation. This is the human condition at its most basic level. All in all, this is an extremely touching portrait and it is humbling to know that anyone of us could easily experience this side of life at any time.
    Masterfully done, Joshi.

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