Irula woman of Attappadi

Black and white portrait of an Irula tribe woman of Attappadi in Palakkad district of Kerala
Irula woman | Attappadi, Palakkad, Kerala, India

There are three scheduled tribes in Attappadi in Palakkad district of Kerala: Irulas, Mudugars and Kurumbas. Irulas are the second largest tribe in Kerala. Currently, their main occupation is agriculture.

95 Replies to “Irula woman of Attappadi”

  1. A striking photo, Joshi. I visited the Kerala-district dozens of times in my younger days and the city was named Cochin, but I believe it has changed name a number of times since then ?

  2. Interesting about the tribes. So many of my work colleagues in Dubai were from Kerala. Great fun bunch of people. It’s quite an arresting portrait. Lots of stories in there. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  3. The light in her eyes and spreading over the bridge of her nose is captivating; the subtle shadow fanning out from her nose onto her checks and over her eyebrows is wonderful. Is that paint, that looks like shadow?

  4. I am slowly becoming ur fan….how do u do it?Find time for ur amazing photography blog and also to read other’s blog?

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