Portrait of Abilash Thankan peering through ash smeared hair
Abilash Thankan | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

103 Replies to “Obscure”

  1. You’ve created another masterpiece Joshi! Spectacular! I would love to know if your subjects pose for you if you capture them candidly. No matter, you have a gift of capturing the essence of their souls. Blessings, Robyn

  2. Awesomeness in a photo. Great capture and the title is so fitting. Makes me want to go phew though to blow that hair out of his face though. haha :)

  3. Yet another Joshi Daniel picture to stop me in my tracks! Is he a Sadhu? Such mysterious creatures. Here, but not here. You have such great material (India!) to work with. Thank for sharing.

  4. What an expression! Is he angry at you for disturbing his peace? How do you get permission from people to take their pictures?

  5. I love the tight framing, the white and bit of color. There is just a hint of playfulness in your interpretation. Black and white would have rendered him instantly sinister. This allows me to decide whether he’s a madman or a funny guy! A great portrait, Joshi!

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