Road not taken

Black and white conceptual photograph of a man holding an umbrella walking on a foggy road in Ponmudi, Kerala
Vivek Harikumar | Ponmudi, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Celebrating 6 years of Photoblogging with 297 images, 8,532 followers, 1,282,015 views and 27,876 comments!!! Thank you every one for the support :)

184 Replies to “Road not taken”

  1. Great…yet another milestone. Wish you many many more. Life is a long road to eternity…traed it siftly as yet another milestone passes by. Not my words but i read these words somewhere. loved it so memorized it like i have memorized my fav Robert Frost poetry two roads diverged in the wooods. But i am wondering about many things as i see ur picture. Is this Kerala? Why this caption? Wish i could ask you and you could tell me.
    thanx for sharing ur happiness with all of us. Congratulations. Cheers :)

  2. You deserve those amazing stats that you mentioned. This image is amazing! Love the umbrella. And walking down the center of the road? Just great!

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