Portrait of Parthiban Radhakrishnan

Black and white portrait of actor-director Parthiban Radhakrishnan sitting next to a director's chair
Parthiban Radhakrishnan | Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Find out more about Parthiban Radhakrishnan on Wikipedia. Image taken for Silverscreen.in

62 Replies to “Portrait of Parthiban Radhakrishnan”

  1. Love the director chair and the word “director” on it very discreetly placed to emphasis the subject’s title …speaking of “subject” it’s hard to predict which one is in focus (not the lens focal) …the objectified chair or the person or the title…superbly played….
    On a side note, I have recollection of enjoying Parthiban’s comedy movies as an actor…

  2. Love the entire composition…but of course ur work…what else can be done…love it…admire it…and just keep figuring it out how it is done when it is done. Also the man…his mind…how it works…also this man…I want to see one of his image too…
    Joshi Daniels does it ever occur to u to get ur own taken…like u take fantastic images of all others????
    Pls pls answer…
    :) :) :)

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