Road not taken

Black and white conceptual photograph of a man holding an umbrella walking on a foggy road in Ponmudi, Kerala
Vivek Harikumar | Ponmudi, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Celebrating 6 years of Photoblogging with 297 images, 8,532 followers, 1,282,015 views and 27,876 comments!!! Thank you every one for the support :)

184 Replies to “Road not taken”

  1. Great…yet another milestone. Wish you many many more. Life is a long road to eternity…traed it siftly as yet another milestone passes by. Not my words but i read these words somewhere. loved it so memorized it like i have memorized my fav Robert Frost poetry two roads diverged in the wooods. But i am wondering about many things as i see ur picture. Is this Kerala? Why this caption? Wish i could ask you and you could tell me.
    thanx for sharing ur happiness with all of us. Congratulations. Cheers :)

  2. You deserve those amazing stats that you mentioned. This image is amazing! Love the umbrella. And walking down the center of the road? Just great!

  3. Love your blog!! Simply awesome! And this picture is my favorite! Visit my blog if you want to join my actual photo contest!

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