Choreographer Gayathri Raguram

Black and white portrait of Indian actress and choreographer Gayathri Raguram
Choreographer Gayathri Raguram | Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Find out more about Gayathri Raguram on Wikipedia. Image taken for Silverscreen.

95 Replies to “Choreographer Gayathri Raguram”

  1. i came i saw and have no fresh words to say…will only be repeating. :)
    But one thing looking at the picture i am just getting reminded of shots from masters like Satyajeet Ray, Rituparno Ghosh, Ritwik Ghatak…some of the movies i have seen…shots in which no dialogues are said and the lady or the characters are shown…and the message is conveyed…call it the director’s skill/ prowess in direction or the cameraman’s art whatever…i am getting reminded of just that. :)

  2. I had tried my hands on photography but kind of gave up mid way . . .So love seeing your blogposts. . .i used to love pic with natural light n i see a lot in ur pic too. Love it.

  3. What a great mix of humanity, structure and light. I love her face and the lines on her dress. Thanks for sharing. JT

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