A greying flower seller

Black and white portrait of an old flower seller in Koyambedu market, Chennai
Old flower seller | Koyambedu Market, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

104 Replies to “A greying flower seller”

  1. Wow! For me this is one of the best I’ve seen you post in recent weeks. All your work is great but this one really makes me think about what her life has been like. If the lines of age on her face could only talk.

  2. Since u say she is a flower seller i guess she is for me she could be anyone else too. Just like my Vasanthi Amma who used to do drishti for me calling me bommai every Friday when i was in Chennai. This pic makes me very emotional. But i wish u could do one pic concentrating on their hands when they knot the flowers…deftly but delicately not to bruise or break the stalks…ordinary people can’t take that shot but Sir you can…pls pls can you do it. This one i am crying but i am loving my tears as they fall.

  3. You have been blessed with a gift for capturing the true essence of the ‘soul behind the eyes’ in your photography. Extraordinary.

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