Kalaripayattu demonstration with Gada (club)

Kalaripayattu demonstration by Raam Kumar with Gada (club)
Raam Kumar | CVN Kalari, East Fort, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Gada or club is a wooden weapon used for training in the kalari.

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77 Replies to “Kalaripayattu demonstration with Gada (club)”

  1. I’ve seen some gada with very large mace heads. I have yet to hold one though. I imagine they are heavy, hence the skill required to actually use them successfully in actual combat. Otherwise it could be the equivalent to taking a 10lb long-arm sledgehammer into a fast-pace sabre duel.

  2. I am seriously blown away by this Indian Martial art form, Kalaripayattu. I had always seen them fighting with sword, spear, shield, Trishule etc. Now i know they use Gada as well. Seeing the players swinging in air and attacking the opponents is a visual treat. very artistic picture Daniel.

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