Expectant eyes

Black and white portrait of a young boy from a street in Mumbai
Young boy | Grant Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

114 Replies to “Expectant eyes”

  1. Beautiful ! but I also think there are many more in the eyes than it just being expectant. No no I am not dismissing the title of the pic rather I am trying to catch the myriad of emotions wrapped in those expectant eyes. Hope u catch my drift.
    Okay can I request u to grant me the honor of ur presence on my latest post. Don’t read but from a photographer’s angle can u do a quick review on my two pictures there. You know I have just begun and any suggestion from u would only motivate me further. I got encouraged because two have obliged me and it makes me happy. Yours might make me delirious with joy. I actually need that joy…
    I can be found on shivanidiwani64.blogspot.in…in case u don’t see my latest on indivine.

  2. So much more than expectant. There’s a look in there I can’t quite put my finger on, I want to say fear or past fears of others? Interesting face.

  3. Wow Joshi, its a whole tormented story of the lands of brothals, prostitution, HIV , endless rows of luxury BMW, LANCER, AUDI, JAUGUAR, LAND CRUISER, HONDAS. Whats this guy is waiting, to ask u what kinda maal u would love to get.
    Pimps Jr. finding a possibility of
    a deal on you face. Lol. By the
    way its superb man.

  4. I have always felt a feeling of life in your images. Can feel the same here as well. It’s almost as if the kid is staring up at me with his big expectant eyes.

  5. The eyes of a child and those of an adult who has much more life experience can tell us very different stories, express different expectations, show different levels of pain and happiness. Seeing the expressions you capture, Joshi, opens our eyes to see some tiny bit of the lives of others. That is part of the reason for photography, and you fulfill that “calling” very well.

  6. Perfectly captured. Really the black and white pictures are different, they have different charms altogether.

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