The daily chores

A woman from Dharavi carrying a basket on her head
Woman with basket | Dharavi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

121 Replies to “The daily chores”

  1. You have capture a beautiful moment, the man and the woman, light, shadow, like å sene from a movie.
    Well done.
    Happy december to you :)

  2. Superb composition – love the smoke/mist in the background. Love your photos. They have so much emotion and character.

  3. a moment from her daily life and it doesnt look like its easy for her.. cool image that conveys a lot.. background mist adds a lovely effect to it :)

  4. WOW stunning photo. I love the light, it is like she comes out of the shades and the red dress. Perfect!!! I would love to make a photo like this!! Keep up the good work because I love it!!

  5. Joshi, I haven’t visited your blog for a some time. But i do see your Facebook updates. This is a great photo … you have a very magazine-style technique to your photos. This is a good candid photo.

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