A silent stare

Black and white portrait of an old man with beard looking up from Mumbai
Cart puller | Null Bazaar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

89 Replies to “A silent stare”

  1. While at first drawn to his facial symmetry (forehead lines, eyes, lines around nose and mouth), the assymmetric mole gives him a most human of character. Powerful.

  2. A very intense stare. It may have been no more than a couple seconds lond but he used that time to study you over, Joshi. It’s not just in his eyes, it’s all over his face. Something about the way you aimed the lense at him and made the shot made something go “click” in his head.

    It appears that you made the shot from above; aiming downward. From a rooftop, balcony or stairs perhaps. Where were you when you made this shot?

  3. I wonder what color his eyes were… Not that it matters, but I guess that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this photograph. There’s something of an intense, subdued emotion in them. Thanks for sharing! It’s a picture which beckons you to take a second look.

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