Roti maker

A roti maker from Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Abdulla | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

83 Replies to “Roti maker”

  1. I like the proud look in his eyes. It’s all over his face but especially in his eyes.

    See also the way his body shows that he has shifted his center of gravity back a little while raising his chin. This is a portrait that successfully captures a persons pride.

  2. oi ho i need some roti :D this has a different feel .. like a clip from a movie and like the way it shows the life of the man .. i am sure when we eat rotis we dont give much a thought to the life of the person who makes it .. we pay and leave the table ..
    so its kind of refreshing to see you concentrate on what ppl dont :)

  3. Deep life in there, i always wonder about these guys. Imagine they are sitting on the top of a live burner and patches those roties to bake it and take it out with sticks and toast it to other guys to pack. UAE is normally having a temprature of 40-50 degree outside. They work to feed us and price is just 1 AED per piece…… ie 0.27 $

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