Alone in the dark

Silhouette of a girl sitting near a window
Alexandra Pisetskaya | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

137 Replies to “Alone in the dark”

  1. Excellent silhouette but with 97% satisfaction; would have been cent per cent had her eye-lashes been protruding a little more to make the profile simply magnificent, Josh! Slight turn of the head would have given you that masterpiece. This is bound to happen especially when the photographer is waiting for the candid picture but the subject is luckily not aware of being clicked.

  2. The choice of the curtains in the background, with the vertical lines, really makes the silhouette stand out. Of course, selecting B&W was the right choice for such an image. You show a good eye for setting.

  3. really well done portrait. it looks as though it was a shot taken out of a movie, which gives a story to the photo that is sometimes hard to achieve.

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