Unity is strength

Fishermen taking the boat to sea at Shankhumugham
Fishermen at work | Shankhumugham, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

105 Replies to “Unity is strength”

  1. Excellent title, and the motion of the subjects in the overall composition reminds me of “Raft of Medusa” by Gericault.

    Brilliant work as usual, Joshi.

  2. Very cool n the colors are awesome..though they are doing a difficult it shows they are doing it so gracefully as a group.. Nice one

  3. I am struck by the colorful diversity of the fishermen’s clothing… yet how it all harmoniously blends with the boat and the sea. A strong photograph… thank you…

  4. I hope they caught enough to feed their families and maybe sell some too! Another saying is Many hands make light work…. Lovely photo of just part of the colourful Indian life.

  5. I enjoy the brightness of this shot.

    I’m having trouble posting comments here. It won’t allow me to do it except thru Facebook. I don’t have a wordpress account which it keeps asking me for.

  6. I love how the blue tones of the boat merge with the sea and then meets the lighter blue of the sky and it’s all in contrast to the colourful clothes. Many hands make light work.

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