A heart melting smile

Black and white portrait of a smiling old man from Madurai in Tamil Nadu
Smiling old man | Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Someone who is not greedy.

180 Replies to “A heart melting smile”

  1. This was something which can’t be praised in words…superb…
    “Someone who is not greedy”…perfectly suits…and also the title… :)

  2. दिल गद गद हो गया
    एक मुट्ठी आसमान
    मुझे भी मिल गया

  3. too good Joshi. Did u interview him as well? looks like he has a big story to narrate, if given a chance. The way he has the brushy hair on his face and the way they are reflecting back in your snapp….. amazing…. makes my heart go ooooooooooooooooooooo…. old age….. no words to describe….. :| :|

  4. A smile that can push me into making some story behind his life. I hope you had a chat with him. the old age always wish for someone who can listen to them and not just hear them. I know because I have my sweet old grandmother who is lovely!!

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