In the dark

In the dark self-portrait of joshi daniel
Self-Portrait | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

146 Replies to “In the dark”

  1. LIGHTING IS BRILLIANT! perfectly accentuates ur muscles! Only wish is that the spot light could have been centrally framed. right above ur head!

  2. Honestly this is not a piece I enjoyed unlike your many others. Something much less than perfect. Definitely not a “Johi” piece. What happened???

  3. That picture “self portrait” comes closer to sculpture than photography. My compliments, bravo! do more of the same.
    Vera M.

    1. That is what I meant when I said that it has sculptural qualities. No le parece? Me gusta mucho la idea de mostar lo minimo para que se vea lo maximo. Vera M. (pardon por el pobre mio espanol !!)

    1. Instead I find it very physical. Interesting how it affects different persons differently. It is suggestive of many different moods.
      vera m.
      ilghepardo.wordpress .com

  4. Joshi, I have been struggling to comment on your photos. For whatever reason, there is always technical snitch. What I want to convey for both this self portrait as well as your earlier one is this: I find that you do not accord yourself the same compassion and brutal acceptance that you accord your male portraits!!! Why not some self-love?

    1. “personification of a solar eclipse” you have caught the suggestive power of a minimlidt shot hat can convey the universe itself.
      Vera m.

  5. Simply unbelievable Joshi!! how can u create such a light-n-shade situation. just out of curiosity, i would like to know – is the background light from an artificial source or purely natural light?

  6. A very strong portrait, both literally and figuratively. The lights is just beautiful, wraps around the body and the head. It’s quite amazing how little graphic information the picture holds and yet have so much content.

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