Ayyappan Theeyattu: Kalamezhuthu

Ayyappan Theeyattu: Kalamezhuthu (Drawing the Kalam of Lord Ayyappa)
Ayyappan Theeyattu: Kalamezhuthu | Shankhumugham, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Kalamezhuthu is the art of creating large drawings on the floor with natural powders and is drawn with bare hands.

All The activities of Ayyappan Theeyattu, a temple art performed by the Thiyyadi Nambiar community are centered around the Kalam of Lord Ayyappa.

132 Replies to “Ayyappan Theeyattu: Kalamezhuthu”

  1. Great shot Joshi of something that should be documented. What a neat art form. Nice capture of the colors.

  2. I just love the juxtaposition of the artist and the figure he is drawing. This is a really nice documentary photo. It certainly makes me appreciate the patience and precision this particular artist is demonstrating. Nice work, Joshi!

  3. The angle is pretty brilliant….. Love it. Something I like better than your usual work (which is also good but this just catches the eye)

  4. Just like Mandala making with coloured sands, this looks to require lots of talent, the ability to take the pain of bending over continuously for a long time, on the floor, and just sheer determination. What I can see tells me it is worth the effort! Good pic joshi.

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