Life is hard

Black and white street portrait of an old man from Tamil Nadu, India
Old man | Pallathur market, Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu, India

124 Replies to “Life is hard”

  1. he looks sad and exhausted.. can feel his pain through the harsh lines on his face.. this one is kinda surreal …

  2. Yes it is, in different ways.
    Your man looks tired and without sparks in his eyes.
    You take pictures that shows you have respect for your models,and you take care of their dignity.

    Have a nice day :)

  3. Yes life can be very hard, but we survive due to the help of God. He carries us through when we can’t carry ourselves. The mans face may speak life is hard but I bet his mouth speaks words of wisdom.


  4. I was wondering what was going on today with the comments. Lots of sites are all messed up because of it.

    Anyways, love the shot. Nice pure whites and excellent contrast.

  5. Yes, life is hard for the majority op people in India and sometimes I wonder if they are as old as they appear with all the wrinkles life has carved in their faces. A moving portrait, great B&W.

  6. Life is hard, indeed. It’s written all over him. Very lovely capture of an old, weathered, wrinkled face. But the face of one who has seen much and lived more. Full of wisdom in many areas of life.
    Worked hard and squinted in the sun, or perhaps the forehead wrinkles are from exhaustion from working long hours. He should be respected for a long life lived, the experiences he can share….

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