Reading liberates the mind

Marathi man with topi reading newspaper
Man wearing topi | Pune, Maharashtra, India

118 Replies to “Reading liberates the mind”

  1. Very nice and a well captured photograph. I also like the color treatment (intended or not) that is reminiscent of bleach bypass or some similar desaturation.

  2. looks like captured from a movie …. n time seems to be drifting … :)) cool shot with a cool message :D

  3. A shame that much of what people read simply confirms their preconceived notions of how the world works; like talking to someone that agrees with you all the time, or listening to them instead, but never questioning or holding up statements to the fire of truth.

    That said, the image is spot on, as always. :)

  4. Nice angle and the shot is just perfect. I believe you are extremely talented and could do much better with this.
    But a great shot.
    Reminded me of my Grandfather who just wouldn’t let go for his newspaper even after reading it ten times.

  5. So simple and yet it says so much. As a news junkie, I can admit … spending time reading the paper is always a brilliant idea! :)

  6. Hi, I’d like to use this image in DNA’s Around the Blog page. Do let me know if you’re okay with it on dna(dot)blessy(at)gmail(dot)com
    Also attach a high res copy of the pic.

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