Laid back

Laid back black and white portrait of an old man from Pune
Old man | Wadgaon Sheri, Pune, Maharashtra, India

113 Replies to “Laid back”

  1. my instantly written poem,can I use your Photograph on my blog?(giving credit to you )

    Lying on a cot
    In the courtyard of
    His house
    Deep in thoughts
    The old man
    Had nothing else to do
    Except asking himself
    What else should I do?
    The silent eyes
    Ready to shed tears
    Were speaking loudly
    Without any noise
    The anguish of the
    Broken heart and
    Worried mind
    Praying to god
    Oh lord,
    Please relieve me of
    My miseries

  2. Wow, nice shot.. really brought out the relaxed n comfortable pose he’s going thru… almost like he is totally not posing…

    its not always tht u see such casual poses..

    as usual, awesome shot, Josh :)

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