Jallikattu (bull taming sport)

Jallikattu (bull taming sport) from Palamedu in Madurai district
Jallikattu (bull taming sport) | Palamedu, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Jallikattu, one of the oldest existing ancient sports is a bull taming sport played in the villages of Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal (harvest festival) celebrations.

204 Replies to “Jallikattu (bull taming sport)”

  1. Wow deadly pic.. I’m always a sucker fr jallikettu pics.. in spite of the animal cruelty angle nevertheless, I think its a beautiful and raw dynamic between man versus animal..

    Great shot Josh!

  2. I keep wondering what happened just after this photo was taken. The bull is certainly outnumbered, but it’s clear that he isn’t backing down. A great story shot and very well done!

  3. intense. These are pictures that makes us feel “hey so what?! I can take better pictures than these, just that he has a better camera” hahaha! given the camera seldom do we succeed. superb shot Joshi…


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