Abstract nude

Abstract nude of a girls legs
Nude | India

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  1. Josh, my personal opinion is, you certainly could have done better, knowing well your immense capability. A few observations which you may simply dump if you think they are too subjective, irrelevant and amaeturish. Yes, I am not a professional. The picture that is presented seems to be a cropped portion of a larger exposure. The graininess, rather than your usual razor sharp focus, evident here makes me think it is cropped. Just imagine without your title (abstract nude) would the viewers have guessed them as semi-exposed legs? I doubt it very much. In this image I would have preferred your showing a very small part of the leg, say, a few toes or unmistakable curve of a leg, to assure the viewer the theme indeed is nudity and the body parts are legs. If you think my views are going to mislead other viewers, you are at liberty to delete my response entirely without any hard feelings. I will continue to be your ardent fan, thats for sure, Josh.

  2. Nice shot, but could have been better. Though you put this pic under Nude Category, i still did not find any nudity in this pic. Love the dark shade, which is the result of the diagonal placement of two hands or two legs .! Love that effect. I hope this pic is a cropped version.

  3. Interesting assessments by Gurudatt and Philippe. In my judgement, the best aspect about this implied nude is that it is an “Abstract Nude”. Although the title causes us to take for granted that it’s a nude, really, there’s no way to be certain that we’re not looking at two carefully photographed pieces of carboard that resemble parts of human anatomy. That’s abstract, that’s illusionary, that’s creative and that’s inspiring because that’s so different from most other nudes that are typically slight variations of the same old poses of the similar looking body parts.

    I like it.

    I also can’t tell if Joshi intended for the piece to be “sensual”. I know that many have an expectation that a photographic fine art nude is intended to convey sensuality or something along that line but I also know for a fact that sensuality is not always the intent behind such photography or illustration.

    I’d like to hear Joshi’s explanation; from the source.

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