Shadow of a smile

Black and white portrait of an old man from Tamil Nadu, India
Old man | Pallathur market, Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu, India

139 Replies to “Shadow of a smile”

  1. This really is a stunning portrait Joshi, you can almost read the man’s life through the lines in his face. I’d love to see a collection of your portraits together in a book or in an exhibition one day.

  2. Another strong portrait the way we are used to from you. Again you have captured the features and the character of the old men in a very respectful and honest way.

  3. This portrait makes me wish I could speak to him, you have captured so much character and warmth, you must be so happy with this. It’s really special. You have a great gift, good for you for making good use of it and sharing it with the world ;)

  4. You know, Joshi, I check your site at least every week, and I always come back to these portraits. I think this man must have been an optimist and lifted many spirits in his lifetime. He lifts mine everytime I look on him.

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