Unconditional love

Portrait of little girl from Tamil Nadu with her puppy
Little girl with puppy | Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu, India

207 Replies to “Unconditional love”

  1. Ah, we’re getting into the light…lovely! They’re both such cuties, and holding each other gives me the warm fuzzies. For me, dogs are love on four legs! I like this! :OD

  2. I am just sooo late to comment!
    You know what Joshi…I was soo mesmerised by those eyes and that face, that I forgot to look at the puppy..
    I dont know if thats a compliment, but for me it is!
    God her eyes!

  3. Unconditional love it is, and such a beautiful innocent face you photographed. Wishing you happy new year, and good luck with your photography. Anna :)

  4. I love this photograph, Joshi. The girl has that kind of natural honesty and frankness to her face that makes me wish I knew her.

  5. Beautiful! Her eyes remind me of a happier version of Steve McCurry’s National Geographic cover photo.

  6. Congratulations joshi,
    Your little girl and puppy are the big winners for the pets challenge. Love all the cutness of your shot

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