Unwind yourself

A relaxed curly haired tourist girl sitting at Kovalam Beach in Kerala
Relaxed curly haired girl | Kovalam beach, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

146 Replies to “Unwind yourself”

  1. I picked up December issue of Better Photography as it said on cover 100 tips for Portrait photos :) There was a point where it was said that there its not mandatory to have faces in portraits.. a valid point but their example along it was not really convincing.. now this photo convinced me. :) Superb I say. :)

  2. Quelle belle blonde qui se dore la pillule au seoleil, sueprbe compo et iamge,une imag quif ait envie de la chaleur et de la lumière.
    Bravo et belle soirée

  3. something different from your usual style.. n love it.. from harshness to culture and unique traditions to enchanting portraits.. n as the year ends a vacation feel image :D .. quite nicely done :)) kuddos dearie

  4. Such a different look from other images of yours – the high-key exposure is perfectly suited to the beach scene. Like other images of yours, it tells a story and the composition is excellent.

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