The devil in me

Devilish self-portrait of joshi daniel
Self-Portrait | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

137 Replies to “The devil in me”

  1. Is this a photograph trick or is it a work of merging two photographs?
    Unable to decide but whatever it is, it is a thinking subject for sure.
    And I appreciate your vision before you capture photographs. God’s gift.

  2. man, that is plain spooky…i wud probably shoot u if u sneaked up on me at night..but the picture does remind me of donni darko…nice

  3. Hi Daniel,
    I am a great fan of your photography..Your creativity is just amazing..You see life from a great perspective..Your pics are indeed wonderful..

  4. fantastic execution of a great idea! Won’t say I love this because it’s eerie and dark .. but it does a great job of being so

  5. OJ…. :)
    The colours and the lightning,fantastic,the mask sceary.

    Can I wish for a portrait without it ? :)
    Mariehugs from a Norway in full spring

  6. This is absolutely stunning. excellent play of light and shadow. It evokes quite a response from the viewer. Beautiful.

  7. Interesting picture. You’ve used the head of a deer / stag I presume – and these are supposed to signify beauty and gentleness. And yet here they look scary and fierce.

  8. Great work on all of your photography, it was just hard to find a place to leave a comment. You really seem to excel in work with people and that was always my favorite subject also. India and Pakistan cultures have always fascinated me and their people. Looks like a wonderful place to do your favorite work, photography, and your work is very beautiful. 5*****’s !!~

  9. Hi Joshi. I do not pretend to be an able appraiser of art. However, your images do fascinate me, and leaves within me an impression that makes me think – and imagine. You have the gift of creating magic with your lenses. Keep up the good work friend. You will certainly stir something within the hearts of the dormant.

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