Live your dream

Anuroop Nair with his royal enfield classic 350 on a cloudy day
Anuroop Nair | Vizhinjam, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

98 Replies to “Live your dream”

  1. Fantastic! Cool one Joshi dear!. Please send the picture to the royal enfield website. They will be thrilled to see this snap!

  2. dude this is actually a dream come true for guy to own a classic… its a tribute paid off to RE’s and a passion into reality when you ride it…

  3. Cool shot. I visited last night and didn’t comment because I thought you were working on your site. There’s no theme showing in Safari. The image still looks good:-)

  4. Un beau portrait !! le traitement et le n&b donnent une “patine” exceptionnelle a votre composition, de l’excellent travail pour moi !!
    Bonne semaine

  5. Joshi , my compliments on this photograph ! I very well connect with this since I am also a bullet rider. If its ok with you I would want to feature this on my Blog as well , of course a lo res picture of this with complete credit to you.

  6. Let’s ride tribal areas, which we share a fascination with. So much to see and many images to capture. I looked into leasing/insuring some time back and found it difficult for a videshi.

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