A fisherman with rope on his shoulders at Shankhumugham beach, Trivandrum
Fisherman | Shankhumugham, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

105 Replies to “Fisherman”

  1. I already saw on the small screen of my mobile that this was another beautiful portrait! What a lovely face, marked by the years and the weather. Beautiful color toning and details.

  2. ooooo loved dis one :) expression, his face …. splendid piece of work dearie :) keep on doing ur vainotals hehe for ur vainotals bring some cool shots :P

  3. Gorgeus portrait with a well contrasted BW! I like the expression of serious on his face. We can read a long life of labour on his face. Great one.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Amazing photos …. !!!

    Hope you are you are not providing photoshopped pictures as I certainly appreciate your photos more if it were taken like it in the olden days….

    Thank You….

  5. hi, nice snaps…have got just overview of few snaps, but it was enough to know how creative you are…Will go through all the snaps soon…monochromes are very nice…

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