Silhouette of a man fishing at Valiathura pier at twilight
Fishing | Valiathura Pier, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

150 Replies to “Twilight”

  1. Oh My God after umbrella man another perfect silhouette!! hey beautiful sky..simplyy superb!! awesome !!just loved it!!!!

  2. Hola darling!!… ooo fishing at twilight … am a big fan of silhouettes with sunset or sunrise backgrounds .. this one is so wonderful with splendid colors .. with title twilight i expected some vampire to be in the picture heheh jus kidding :P

  3. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Its breathtakingly beautiful…… Superb! Mind blowing!! Awesome!!! “THE SKY IS ON FIRE… BUT, WITHOUT THE SMOKE!” Love you Danny! God bless you! You certainly made my day! MUWAH! MUWAH!! MUWAH!!! :) :) :)

  4. Il faut savoir savourer ces moments plein de charmes et de douceur de vivre … La pêche génère ces moments et quand ils sont servis par ton talent … Le plaisir est bien présent.

    You should know savor these moments full of charm and sweetness of life … The fishery generates these moments and when they are served by your talent … The pleasure is present.

  5. Simplement somptueux !!!
    J’aime les tons et la lumière sur cette composition !!
    Un superbe moment de quiétude capté !!
    Encore une fois du belle ouvrage !!!
    Bonne journée

  6. last night, i read a description of sunset by a 5yr old protagonist in a short story written around 100yrs ago. the child says “look !there is fire everywhere…oh God! evrything is so crimson red”
    looking at this picture of yours, i could see what the character actually meant.
    wonderful & astonishing is the beauty of nature & hats off to those who can capture it so well

  7. For the most part fishermen (or women) will give you secret access into their worlds as they do what they’ve been doing since the first days, stoically staying in position for sometimes long periods of time as they become ‘one with the fish.’ thus giving an air of meditation in the timeless mind-seas in which they usually are at times. I love this shot.

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