Agni Kandakarnan Theyyam

Agni Kandakarnan theyyam
Agni Kandakarnan Theyyam | Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Theyyam or Thirayattam is a ritual dance form of Northern Kerala, India. The word Theyyam has been derived from Daivam, meaning God.

Agni Kandakarnan is a theyyam having heavy torches around the waist of the kolam.

82 Replies to “Agni Kandakarnan Theyyam”

  1. Beautiful capture of those fires, but it looks very dangerous for the person inside! Didn’t see his hands at first glance, but there’s really someone in there! Must be spectacular to see.

  2. this shot speaks for itself…firelight is so vigorous & those eyes are so mysterious…hands for fire spells…reminds me of voodoo & Witchcraft…Daivam(God) resides in mystery …

  3. Oh My God…wat a wonderful sparkling shot!! full of fire and passion of d performer is seen in d shot!!
    hey i shud thnk u..for making me aware of so many art forms of kerala!! end up feeling more proud about our culture and art forms!!

  4. i wonder how he is dancing with all those fire torches protruding out of him … must be tough and thrilling at the same time .. cool art form and capture of dancer along with fire looks pretty awesome :)

  5. Nice. Good to know about various rituals and cultures.

    Nice shot. Some it implies or carries lot of meaning.

    Sorry to be absent from the replying more :)

  6. Nice picture. But I am curious how you got the picture from Thiruvananthapuram. Theyyam is in North Kerala. That is starting from Vadakara. If you did snap the picture in Thiruvananthapuram it must have been a Tourist event.

  7. Wow… this is so beautiful.. I have heard about theyyam, but not about agni theyyam. Are these dances mostly about war or anger, because the fire and dancer’s expression make it look fearful.

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